Challenges of IP Protection

What is Intellectual Property? In some ways, intellectual property is a bundle of different types of rights, all of which are intended to protect one another. An example of this would be patent laws. Patents are given to people who come up with new ideas, which then become protected as private property rights. A patent … Read more

What is IP Securization

Intellectual Property Securization: What Is It and How Does It Work? One of the newest financial tools to be introduced to the private market is Intellectual Property Securization. What does this mean for you? An important part of the process of managing Intellectual Property, particularly the private assets held by a business firm, is the … Read more

How to Finance Your Movie

The common ways of financing a movie There are many ways in which you can get financing for your next independent film, but most of these options come with a high level of risk that can make it difficult to borrow. Here is an overview of how you can get financing for your independent movie. … Read more